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Create Automated Chatbot Campaigns in Facebook Messenger

Campaign is used to set up follow-up messages your bot sends to the user when they interact with your bot in a certain way. Campaign helps you to launch products, get email subscribers, and even send your promotion. This is also a convenient way for both the user and the brand. The user can get precious information and value, while the brand can automate lead generation. With Campaign, you simply engage your customers and even qualify your leads with a chatbot. Especially, you won’t waste money and time with this feature to increase and nurture customer loyalty.

How to set up a chatbot Campaign

These following steps can help the chatbot operator create a New Campaign:

Create a new chatbot campaign

1. Go to the sidebar on the top side of the page and navigate to Bot Builder > Drip Campaigns

2. Head up to + New Campaign or Create your first campaign button (appear on the first time) to create your new campaign

Name for chatbot campaign

By default, the name of the campaign is Untitled Campaign 1. To rename the campaign, you just click on Untitled Campaign 1 and name for your campaign.

For the purpose of this article, we name “Test Campaign” for the campaign. Here's what you would see:

Setup the Trigger Point (Timeframe)

Click on the Trigger Point to set up the time delay you want. Every message is delivered after a certain timeframe. You can set up the timeframe of Immediately/Minutes/Hours/Days at Trigger Point. In the meantime, enter the valid name at the number box if you select the timeframe of Minutes/Hours/Days.

Create the Content

You can enter the Text manually or using Existing Block. Then, click Save to finish setting up the content for Campaign.

Here's what you would see if you enter manually text for the campaign content:

Here's what you would see if you use an existing block for the campaign content:

Add the Customer to Campaign

There are two ways to add your customer to a Campaign:

Automatically add your customer to a campaign in Flow Editor by using the Action called Add to Campaign. This can be seen from the following illustration:

Manually select and add some customers to your campaign, please follow these steps below:

1. Go to the sidebar on the top side of the page and navigate to Reports and Insights > Audience

2. Tick the box of the customer that you want to add campaign to. You can also select/deselect all if you want. Choose the Bulk Actions on the right hand. Proceed to select Subscribe to Campaign

3. Choose the name of the campaign that you want to add to the customer. Here, we select Test Campaign, the one we have already created at the previous step.

Finally, you've already set up the Campaign for your chatbot successfully.

Chatbot campaign template by Convoboss

Since you’re familiar with the basics, let’s look at some more Campaign Template created by Convoboss, which will give you even more control over your campaign.

Click one of the best Campaign Templates you want to install: Promotion, Customers Onboarding, Holidays Promotion, Prevent Slipping Away.

By default, here's what you would see when you apply the Promotion Campaign Template.

Once you’ve created a campaign from the Campaign Template, you can completely edit the content or select the trigger point (timeframe) that you want.
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