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Keep Track Of Your Chatbot Operation

Analytics feature provides an overview of bot activities and helps you to track how bot performs.

Access the Analytics

There are 2 ways to access the Analytics:
  • Option 1: From the Bot Management site, select Analytics in the dropdown list of the bot.
  • Option 2: On a bot editing screen, select Analytics on the left sidebar.

Report on chatbot operation



This report allows you to check how many messages your chatbot has sent and received over a period of time. Please note that the messages can be text, photo, multimedia, or an attachment. Read more about Inbox which stores all messages


This report allows you to check how many conversations with users your bot has generated over a period of time. It also keeps track of the growing number of conversations day by day.

A conversation is counted as "new" when a user interacts with a bot for the first time. Days later, if that user continues to chat with the bot, this interaction is counted as an "existing" conversation for that day (even if that user deletes the conversation and starts a new one).

Example: A user interacts with a bot for the first time on Monday. That will count as 1 new conversation. On Tuesday, if the same user continues to chat with the same chatbot, "new" conversation will be displayed as 0, and "existing" conversation will be 1.

Example Conversations graph



This report shows the user who interacts with this bot over a period of time. Read about the chatbot audience.

"New users" is the number of new users interact with your bot in a selected period of time. "Returning users" are people who did chat with a chatbot before.

User Genders

This report shows the gender ratio of your audiences. However, if a user sets their gender as a private/unknown gender on Facebook or if that user chats with your chatbot on a website, their gender will be displayed as unknown.


This report shows the total subscribers - users who have interacted with your bot and subscribe to it.

Time Range Selection

Time in Analytic reports is based on the timezone that set for your chatbot settings. Convoboss supports these fixed time range:
  • Today
  • Last 2 Days
  • Last 1 Week
  • Last 2 Weeks
  • Last Month
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