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Part 3: How to publish your bot to Facebook Messenger?

Let's learn about the chatbot publishing procedure on Facebook Page and Facebook Messenger. Using Convoboss's Publish, the bot operator will connect easily between Facebook Page and the chatbot and deploy the chatbot to Facebook users.

Part 1: Go live your chatbot on FB Messenger

Click the Publish button on the toolbar. Here, you can control the publishing status and history of your bot. If you’ve never published or setup publishing for your bot before, click “Open Connect” as in the instruction text. If you’ve already linked your Facebook account with Convoboss, the list of pages where you’re an admin will show up. Select one page and assign your bot to it. Click “Publish” to finish.

Please note that a bot can be deployed on one Facebook page only. In case your bot has been connected to a page before, you must remove it from that old page and assign it to the new one.

Part 2: Customize your bot behavior on Messenger through the Facebook limitation

First is the Whitelisted Domains. It’s the list of third-party domains that are accessible in Messenger web-view. You’re recommended to list here to function some web-view components such as calendar. Contact us at if you are interested in developing a web-view for your chatbot.

The next setting option is Usability. With this, you’ll decide how the users can interact with your bot. If you enable this option, end-users won’t be able to type in their response. They’ll interact with the bot via buttons and quick replies. Here is the result after enabling Disable Message Composer.

The last option allows you to filter the audience of your bot. Users from countries in the whitelist will be able to interact with your bot on Messenger. Otherwise, blacklisted countries users won't be able to. When you finish setting up your bot, save changes, and click “Publish” to make bot go live.

Part 3: Set up the Facebook page

If your page is brand new and doesn’t have the “Send Message” button, this part is for you.

Click “Add a button” and create an action trigger that lets users contact your page. In step 1, select “Send message” under the “Contact you” section. Next, in step 2, select “Messenger” as to where users are directed to. Then, finish! Don’t forget to test how your chatbot works on the page.
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