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Manage Conversations Using Convoboss Inbox

Inbox is a tool that allows you to communicate with your users right in Convoboss. It allows you to jump in a conversation and answer the questions through using Human Takeover, manage users' data manually by adding a tag and send them messages.

In this article, you will be guided through:
  • Why should you use BotStar Inbox?
  • Inbox Overview
    • Chat users list & Search tools
    • Conversation
    • User profile

Why should you use Convoboss Inbox?

Using Convoboss Inbox instead of Facebook Messenger Inbox will definitely bring you some advantages. Here are some amazing ones that can be pointed out:
  • Easily managing conversations coming from different platforms
  • Tagging and customizing user attributes to segment the audiences
  • Supporting multiple Human Operators
  • Sending complex blocks instead of simple text (to be released in the near future)

Inbox Overview

Convoboss Inbox consists of three columns: the chat user list & search tools, the conversation box, and the user’s profile.
  • The chat user list & search tools are located on the left of the Inbox. In this list, we allow you to search, sort, and filter the chat users.
  • In the middle of the Inbox, you'll find the chat conversation. The selected conversation content will be displayed here.
  • The user's profile is the last column to the right. All the user information that your chatbot collected during the conversation will be shown here.

1. Chat User List & Search Tools

Thousands of chat users is not a problem, you can search any conversations and jump right into the desired one to see the details. As being shown, there are some ways to start searching:

  • Click the Search icon in the left corner to find a conversation
  • Sort by time: Newest or Oldest
  • Filter:
    • Channels: Messenger or Website
    • Operator Mode: Human or Bot
    • Interaction: Get started then left or Get started then Continue

2. Conversation

The selected conversation will be displayed in the conversation part of Inbox.

Inside of the 24-hour messaging window, you can simply chat with the chat users in BotStar Inbox without moving to the Facebook Messenger. To help you distinguish between the sent message and the delivered message, we have a small icon next to your message as being shown in the below picture:

  • Delivered message: Message has been successfully delivered to the chat users Inbox, but it doesn't mean that chat users read it.

  • Sent message: Message has been successfully sent from your end.

Outside of the 24-hour window, a Message Content box will appear at the bottom of the conversation. This box allows you to choose one of four Message Tag types (including Event Update, Post Purchase Update, Account Update, and Human-Agent or the One-Time Notification topics to send messages to chat users. These messages enable sending important and personally relevant 1:1 updates to users outside the standard messaging window.

If you are interested in getting to know more about the message tag or the One-time Notification message, please refer to these articles for your information.
  • Message Tags: Sending 1:1 update outside the standard message window
  • One-time Notification for Facebook Messenger in Convoboss

3. User Profile

User Profile provides bot operators with useful information so that they can get an overview of their chat users.

Curious about how it looks like, please check this out:

With the details in the profile, bot operators can:
  • Know the channel they come from (Messenger or Website)
  • See user's basic information (User Status (subscribed or not), Timezone, Gender, Language)
  • Create tags manually: In Tags > Click Add > Choose from list or type a new tag > Enter or click Add value...
  • Enable Human Takeover to disable bot and allow human operators to take over the conversation inside the 24-hour messaging window. Want to know more about Human Takeover, you can refer to this article Human Takeover

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