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BOT landing URL
You can create a Messenger Ref URL to open the conversation directly with the bot at a designated block. Follow these steps to set up this tool:

1. Go to Bot Builder > Integrations > Growth Tool and select Bot Landing URL.

2. Under the Basic Configuration section, fill in the name for this new tool and turn on the "Active" option to enable it.

3. Under the Trigger Configuration section, you'll get the URL which allows the bot to start a conversation with users using the designated message. This message will be set up in the Conversation Configuration section as in the pictures below. This message can be a new text or an existing block.

4. After that, you can update the information of users by updating user attributes, flow variables, and user tags. Learn more about these data types in our documentation about the variable system of Convoboss.

5. Below is the result:

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