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User Attributes

Update Subscribers' Database with User Attributes

In this part of the document, we will talk about User Attributes in several main points:
  • What are User Attributes?
  • Create Custom User Attributes
  • Update chatbot User Attributes
  • Filter users by the User Attributes
  • Export user's information via Integration Hubs (Integromat and Zapier)

What are User Attributes?

User Attributes are personalized tags or labels that get assigned to each user. For example, {first_name} is a system-generated User Attribute. Later in this article, you will learn about custom User Attributes.

Normally, you can use tags to categorize users. However, there are cases in which tags are not adequate enough to serve your needs. For example, you need to save the birthday of each user, but you clearly don't want to create a thousand tags corresponding to each day of a year. It makes a lot more sense to define a label (User Attribute) named "birthday" and assign different birthdays to it for each user.

Using User Attributes will not only help you categorize but also filter users to send Broadcasts effectively. For example, you can send a broadcast to a group of users who born in January this year using the User Attribute "birthday".

In Convoboss, there are two types of attributes: System Attributes and Custom Attributes
  • System Attributes are available in every bot and contain basic users' information captured by the system.
  • Custom Attributes are the user-defined attributes in each bot. User Attribute can be updated manually using Convoboss Audience or automatically by the Update User Attributes action in the Flow Editor.

Create Custom User Attributes

To create your own User Attributes, firstly, go to Bot Builder, drag Update User Attributes block.

Then, go to Data, choose User Attributes

Then, choose the Manage User Attribute. Here you will fill in the name and select the type of data that the attribute will be saved correspondingly. You can create many attributes at the same time. After completing, don't forget to press the Save button to save changes.

Convoboss system currently provides 4 types of data to store the value of attributes:
  • Text: the value of the attribute is a text.
  • Number: the value of the attribute is arithmetical.
  • Date: the value of the attribute is a date.
  • Yes/No: the value of the attribute is Yes or No.

Update chatbot User Attributes for users

There are two methods to update User Attributes including manually and automatically ways.

Update manually

After creating an attribute, go to Reports & Insights > Audience > click on any user. If there is no available information in that user attribute. Please click on the text "No Value" and update the value for that user attribute.

Update automatically

Go to the Bot Builder, drag Update User Attributes action into the flow. Then, configure this action using the attributes (which are created in the User Attributes management page) along with the corresponding value that you want the Bot to update automatically on the chat user.

Note: Before setting the User Attribute, make sure you have already done the setting in Variables. The Values of Action Configuration are Variables that are set in Data > Variables.

Filter users by the User Attributes

One of the main benefits of creating user attributes is to filter the audience. For example, there is a User Attribute that is "birth_date" and the data type is "date". If bot operator wants to filter users who have "birth_date" after September 11, 2018, they can do as below:

1. Go to Reports and Insights > Audience. Click on + Add Filter Condition on the left corner.

2. Click on the Birthday Attribute and add-in the condition you want, which in this case is after September 11, 2018.

You can add more than one User Attribute in the same filter to run a query on your audience. Similarly, this audience filtering can be used in Broadcast. Depending on data types of an attribute, the filter will provide the appropriate filter conditions.

Export user's information

Download user's information

Information of your audience will be sent via email as a CVS zipped file. User Attributes are included in the exported file as well. You can go to the Report and Insight > Audience.

Export user's information via Integration Hubs

Go to Integration > Integromat or Zapier > choose the "User Attribute Updated" event. This session assumes that you are already familiar with integration hubs.

User Attribute Updated event will be triggered when:
  • A user attribute gets updated
  • A user has a conversation going through Update User Attributes action in the Flow Editor

The extracted information will include the user's basic information, date and time of extraction, name, and value of extracted attributes.
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