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Part 4: How to publish your bot to website?

This video aims to help you make your chatbot go live on websites. There are two options for the plugin: Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin and Convoboss Chat Plugin.

Part 1: Set up Chat Plugin

Convoboss can integrate your bot into a website with two different plugins: Convoboss Chat Plugin and Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin. Convoboss Chat Plugin is built by Convoboss, it's highly customizable and allows better branding. End users won't have to log in to use this chat. On the other side, Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin allows you to integrate Messenger directly into your website, it means chat users on the website are required to log in Facebook and they can receive broadcasts via Facebook Messenger.

You can use both ways at the same time. For each option, the system generates an embedded code that can be inserted into the HTML code of your website. Convoboss offers some settings to customize the chat plugin.

Part 1.1: How to setup Convoboss Chat Plugin?

With Convoboss Chat Plugin, there are some display modes that you can select from Full-page, Popup, Inline, and Livechat.

Next, similar to publishing on Facebook, you need to fill in at least one domain in "whitelisted domains" as bot will only run on these websites. Then, you can set up the way bot approach users with options under the "Usability" section.

You can require the bot to "Show Entry Block First" for the first time Facebook Messenger users chat with the bot on Web Widget. Or you can show chat popup automatically when the webpage finishes loading with the "Prompt User Automatically" option. Or you can remove conversation history, which means the next time users chat with bot again, they won't be shown the old conversation.

You can also turn on "Enable Guest User" to treat all your website visitors as guests or turn off to convert them into the Website audience. A visitor is recorded as a Website audience only when he/she provides a validated email address. To record your Website Audience, we provide two methods to use in combination or separately.

The first method is to use Add Subscriber action inflow. Users will be asked for their name and an email address before continuing the rest of the designated flow. You are recommended to customize the "Prompt Message" to fit your flow context. Here is the example result of using the Add Subscriber action.

The second method is to use Widget JavaScript API which requires knowledge of JavaScript. Widget JS API provides you advanced functionality to control the widget on your website and feed your bot with your user information. Please read more about how to use at this link: Widget Introduction

Convoboss also gives you some branding options for your bot such as a customized name for the chatbox of Website Chat Plugin, the theme color for chatbot widget, and a displayed avatar.

Part 1.2: How to set up Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin?

With Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin, similar to Convoboss Chat Plugin, you need to set up whitelisted domains that are accessible in the Messenger web-view. Then configure how will the chatbot dialog display, bot's theme color and how bot greets users and guests.

Please remember to save all your changes and re-publish your bot to make it updated.

Part 2: Integrate your chatbot with Wordpress

First, make sure your web address has been added to the Whitelisted Domain, then copy the code snippet of the chat plugin that you want. After that, go to Appearance /Custom Javascript to add the code snippet of Convoboss. Remember to only use the code between HTML tags.

Finally, save and publish. Then, review your bot on the website.
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