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Landing Page
This tool allows you to display a checkbox on the form to allow users to choose to receive messages from your chatbot. Follow these steps to set up it:

1. Go to Bot Builder > Integrations > Growth Tool and select Landing Page.

2. Under the Basic Configuration section, fill in the name for this new tool and turn on the "Active" option to enable it.

3. Under the Trigger Configuration section, you see "Send to Messenger" Button which is used to trigger an authentication event to your webhook. You can pass in data to know which user and transaction were tied to the authentication event, and link the user on your backend. You can choose the button text for the plugin from a pre-defined list of strings, its size, and the background color of the button.

4. Under the Conversation Configuration section, set up the landing message to greet users when the tool is triggered. Then, update the information of users by updating user attributes, flow variables, and user tags. Learn more about these data types in our documentation about the variable system of Convoboss.

5. Finally, copy the generated code snippet and insert it into the HTML code of your website, between tags. Click Create to finish setting up this tool.

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