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Facebook Messenger

Connect Your Chatbot to Facebook Messenger

Bot Operators can use Publish to deploy their bot on Facebook Messenger. After publishing, the bot will connect to a Facebook Page, and the bot builder can design the bot flow.

Before publishing your bot, you'll need to:
  • Create a Facebook Account
  • Create a Facebook Page (Admin role)
  • Set up your Facebook page

Customize bot behaviors

Convoboss does provide some options to customize the behavior of your chatbot on Messenger. Please note that Facebook provides very limited ability to change any visual settings for the bot on Messenger.


In the Whitelisted Domain, there is a list of third-party domains that are accessible in the Messenger webview. You can also publish your chatbot for the whitelisted domains (websites). It's recommended to keep (or for Branded App) as a whitelisted domain for webview components such as calendar, payment function.


Disable Message Composer allows your chat users to interact with your bot is via buttons and quick replies, webviews. They are not able to type their responses. We recommend this behavior when you do not expect any input from chat users but provide navigations via buttons or quick replies only.

Here is the result after enabling Disable Message Composer

Audience Filtering

Chat users from any of the whitelist countries will see your bot on discovery surfaces on Messenger platform, otherwise Blacklisted countries users won't be able to see your chatbot.

Set up your Facebook page

If your Facebook page does not have a Send Message button, you can follow the instructions below to set it up. Here is the result of the Facebook page after you set up Send Message button

To set up a Send Message button, follow these steps:

1. Browse your Facebook page and click on Add a button.

2. Adjust Add a Button, choose Contact You > Send Message.

Next, choose Messenger

3. Preview the settings and press the Finish button to complete

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