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Elements are the most basic building component of a bot. They can contain anything from a simple text message or image to other attributes that allow more advanced actions.

To avoid making a purely reactive conversation where bot always asks users to manually enter text, we offer you a wide range of elements to add in your bot flow.

Text elements

Text elements are the most basic building component of a bot. This is a must in all messaging conversations. You can enter and see the content of a block right inflow editor, or on the right in the properties panel.

Media elements

Think of a message as one thought in the conversation. If you were interacting with a friend via regular Facebook Messenger or SMS, you may also send them other things besides text messages like a picture, or a funny GIF for example. In this case, let’s design the bot to do exactly by using these below elements:
  • Image (including gifs)
  • Gallery (horizontal list)
  • Audio
  • Video
  • File
  • Button list


People chatting with the bot can go from one block to another using a button. You can even insert a link when someone clicks a button, they will be connected to that link.

Quick response

The bot should be proactive in leading the user down a pre-defined path. Especially when it is used in a sale by offering predefined choices.

You can utilize your bot with these blocks elements, try to answer users’ questions in the most effective way, and create a more interesting conversation.
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