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Smart Keywords

How to set up Smart keywords

Smart Keywords with the support from the third party would help bots to understand much better and provide the more correct answers compared to the same inputs from customers.

Set up Smart Keyword

To train your bot using Smart Keyword, you have to enable chatbot integration with Natural Language Processing (NLP) services such as in Bot Builder > Integrations. Once your bot is connected with an NLP service, you can start training your bot at Keyword.

Set up Rule

After enabling, you can write down the message that you think your customers will enter frequently. We have only one rule which is Message matches. The same running rule as Keyword, Smart Keyword requires bot builder to train in Convoboss App. The more training keywords, the better the bot becomes.

Set up Response

The way you set up Response in Smart Keyword and Keyword is the same.

Some examples

1. For example, the bot builder wants to create an "Order" keyword set. When customers enter any relating sentences as designed, the bot will trigger block Order Menu.

2. In this second example, the bot builder might want to design a conversation when chat users enter any relating sentences about baby clothes. The bot will send out the Baby clothes items block and give out the options.

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