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Part 5: Manage Audience and Create Segments with Tags

This video gives you an overview of how the chatbot users are managed and segmented with Convoboss tags. Tags are used for varied purposes such as grouping users who share similar traits, directing them in the conversation flow, or filtering the audience of a broadcast.

Part 1: Overview of Audience page

Audience page is where you can manage all your chatbot users on Facebook Messenger and website. There are two sections here to display the list of users and to filter them. In the center area, users are shown with basic information such as gender, location, language, and timezone. In the detail window, you can decide to divide them into segments with tags or add more attributes to enrich the database. You can also quickly jump to the conversation with them, unsubscribe them, or add them to a campaign to deliver a customized experience. In this video, I'll show you how to create and apply tags to your audience.

Part 2: Group users by tags

Part 2.1: Manually

You can choose to add a tag to users manually, automatically, or combine them together. With the first option, go to the Audience Details window of each user and create new tags or select from existing ones. If you need to add a tag to a group of users, back to the Audience page, tick to select users, and click Bulk Action/Add Tag. Do similarly to remove a tag.

Part 2.2: Automatically

Some people find it a lot easier and time-saving to add tags automatically when they already had well-structured bot flow. They just need to put Add tag action at some points of the conversation to mark users who reach there. The operation is simple, just need to drag and drop the action onto the canvas, name the tag on the Properties panel. Please notice that only Facebook users and recorded website users can be tagged, guests who leave no data cannot be. You can test to see how it works.

Part 3: How to utilize tags

Tag is a very powerful tool. It allows you to direct chat users in the flow, quickly filter them in the Audience management page or select a group of a target audience who will receive specific broadcasts.

To direct users in the conversation flow, click on a connector and create one (or more) condition that starts with "user's tag". It helps you navigate users to suitable sub-flow that match them the most. Let's test the flow with Preview. But remember to setup the Preview Profile with the tag first. With the tag "Vegetarian", this user is recommended with vegetarian pizza.

When you wish to collect data from a particular group of users among the endless list, use tags to quickly pick them out. For example, you want to see potential customers who have an interest in your event, click the tag "potentials" to filter those, like this.

Tag can also be used to select the audience of a broadcast to deliver highly relevant content. To be more detailed, you can utilize tag in filter conditions for the target audience. Well, these conditions are set up similarly to other conditions anywhere else in bot.
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