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Variables capture the information defined by you during the conversation between bot and users. These variables are for storing the content that is temporary and is used only in the conversation between bot and users. For example, order information, the number of products ordered,...these values will be reset when the user starts a new conversation (when the user presses the Get Started button).

Create Variables

In order to create a Flow Variable, click the Add Variable button and fill in the relevant information, then click Create. The new variable will appear on the list.

Fields that you need to complete when you create a Flow Variable are:

  • Name of the variable used to differentiate it from the others. That name needs to be unique, and not case sensitive.
  • Description (optional) you can fill in relevant information to easily identify the variable.
  • Data Type is the format of this variable. Convoboss supports three data types: Text, Number, and, Date.
  • Store Values As a List allows you to store values of the variable as a list.
  • Initial Value allows you to set an initial value for the newly created variable.

Update/ Delete Flow Variable

In order to update a Flow Variable, click the Update Variable button next to it. You can choose to delete it in the shown up window (click button Delete).

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