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Publish Chatbot to Website
Convoboss can integrate your bot into a website in two ways:

1. Convoboss’s Website Chat Plugin: A proprietary live chat widget that is built by Convoboss. It is highly customizable and it allows better branding. Your end-users won't have to log-in to use this chat.

2. Facebook Messenger’s Customer Chat Plugin: allows you to integrate Messenger directly into your website. Chat users on a website can receive broadcasts via Facebook Messenger.

Set up Convoboss Web Widget

Go to Bot Builder > Publishing Configuration > Website 

For each option, the system generates an embedded code so that you can insert it into the HTML code of your website. Convoboss also offers some settings to customize Web Widget.

Copy the code snippet in Embedded Code and insert it into the HTML code of your website right before the </body> tag.

Convoboss’s Website Chat Plugin
  • Embedded Code with Display Modes: Generated code with selected display mode to insert the bot into your webpage. You can insert one bot per webpage. See how each of the display modes work in a detailed section below.
  • Whitelisted Domains: A list of domains allowed to be inserted in the bot by using the Website Chat Plugin. Your chatbot will only run on these websites.
  • Enable Guest User: Treat all of your website visitors as guests. Turn off the option to start converting your website visitors into Website Audience. Read more in the detailed section below.
  • Show Entry Block First: Entry block is always the first message Facebook Messenger users see by the first time they chat with the bot on the Web Widget.
  • Prompt User Automatically: A chat popup appears automatically after the web page finishes loading instead of clicking on the chatbot icon.
  • Do Not Keep Conversation History: Next time your users chat with the bot again, they will not be shown the previous conversations. We do not recommend this process unless it fits your business scenario.

Branding Option:
  • Customer Name: Display name in the chatbox of the Website Chat Plugin, the default name is Convoboss Widget
  • Theme Color: Choose the primary color for your chatbot widget. It is recommended to choose the colors that show your Brand or match the Website.
  • Display Avatar: We recommend using a personalized picture of your brand. The picture should be transparent and high-quality PNG.

Facebook Messenger’s Customer Chat Plugin
  • Whitelisted Domains: List of third-party domains that are accessible in the Messenger web-view. You can also publish your chatbot for the whitelisted domains (websites).
  • Display Chatbot Dialog: How the chat dialog appears.
  • Theme Color: Choose the primary and secondary color for your chatbot widget. It is recommended to choose the colors that show your Brand or match the Website.
  • Greeting for user: Greeting for users returning to Bot after chatting
  • Greeting for the guest: Greeting for the first time users chat with Bot

Display Modes for Widget





Live Chat




Note: For Facebook Messenger’s Customer Chat Plugin, you are only able to use the "Livechat" mode.

Record Website Audience

How is a Website Audience Counted?

Unlike Facebook Audience, a Website Audience is not recorded by default, you will need to disable the option "Enable Guest User" first. Each visitor can associate with one proper email address which makes them an audience.

We provide two methods to use in combination or separately, please choose the best way in order to successfully record your Website Audience.

1. Using Add Subscriber action inflow

You can utilize the Add Subscriber action to ask your website visitors to leave their email addresses, names before continuing the rest of the designed flow. When using the action, your website visitors will not be able to continue the flow unless they fill in a correct email address and non-empty of their name.

It is recommended to customize the Prompt Message to fit your flow and business it serves.

2. Using Widget JS API on the website

With this method, you are required to have viable knowledge of JavaScript or there is a developer nearby.

Widget JS API provides you advanced functionality to control the widget on your website and ability to feed your bot with your user information. It is one possible way to turn your existing users into your Website Audiences on Convoboss.

Various uses of the API include:
  • Update the current visitor/audience with essential data: name, email, picture, user attributes, and tags.
  • Open/close the widget (available to Livechat and Popup mode).
  • Listen to the event of the widget's open/close to perform extra functions.

Follow our Widget JS API Reference for more details of using this method.

Update Bot

After changing the settings for the bot, please go to Publish your Bot > Update to update any changes.

Sound notifications

The Inbox notifications is a feature which notifies chat users or operators about new messages from each other. With Inbox notifications, you would find the chatbot more convenient when using it.

The setting process is quite simple:

Step 1, You should click on your Avatar > Account > In Account Profile, enable “Inbox Notifications”. When you are done with this step, operators or collaborators would hear the sound and see the blink from the browser tab.

Step 2, Go to the bot you want chat users to get notifications: Bot Builder > Publishing Configuration > Website > in Notification session, enable “Play Sound”.

Once this button is enabled, if chat users choose to talk to staff through the “Human Takeover” action, they will receive a sound notification when there are new messages from operators.

Note: This feature works in case the tab is still active. If the chat user turns off the window, he/ she will not hear any sound notification.

Please refer to the documents below if you are publishing bot on:

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